Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shortcut keys on Windows Vista

Knowing shortcuts, or keyboard shortcuts to be exact, can make working with your computer so much easier. The Windows key is usually located on the bottom lower left side and looks like the picture posted. This key is most commonly used in Windows shortcut keys. Image Source

Some useful tools for using Windows Vista:

  • Windows Key + L (lock the computer)
  • Windows Key + D (toggles to your desktop)
  • Windows Key + E (opens up My Computer File Explorer)
  • Windows Key + G (cycles through the gadgets)
  • Windows Key + Pause (opens the System Properties portion of your Control Panel)
  • Windows Key + U (activates the Ease of Use Access Center)
  • Windows Key + X (cycles through the Mobility Center)
  • Windows Key + R (opens the Run window)
  • Windows Key + T (cycles through the tabs of applications running in the task bar)
  • Windows Key + Spacebar (moves the focus to the sidebar, almost like cycling through gadgets)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to Open a New Tab in MOST web browsers

Here is a simple tool that can be beneficial to most internet
Opening a New Tab in your web browser.

Why would I want to open a new tab in my web browser? This is most commonly referred to as tabbed browsing, a utility offered by most web browsers. Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer are the two biggest web browsers for Microsoft Windows OS and Linux users; whereas Safari is the browser of choice by Macintosh users.

Start a new tab and other hacks:
  • Ctrl + T, Firefox keyboard shortcuts (coming soon), and other browsers (coming soon).
  • Ctrl + click OR Ctrl + Shift + click, on a link
  • Click File in the web browser. Then scroll down to New Tab which opens a new tab in the same web browser. You can see all of the other items you can do with your web browser, as well most of their keyboard shortcuts.
  • Double-click, on empty space within the tabs bar
  • Right-click on a tab, a link, OR a bookmark to bring up a context menu. Then Click on the desired function
  • Right-click on a tab, a link, OR a bookmark to bring up a context menu. Then Click on the desired function.
  • Right-click on a tab, a link, OR a bookmark to bring up a context menu. Then TYPE the corresponding underscored letter of the desired function.
  • Copying a Tab, Ctrl + Drag a Tab creates a duplicate of that tab.
  • Drag a Link, or Bookmark to an empty space on the tabs bar, between two existing tabs, the new tab icon, or the tabs dropdown arrow (List all tabs button in some web browsers). Remember simply dragging a tab only moves the tab!
  • Ctrl + Shift + T, restores a recently closed tab.

    Comments by clients:
    "Thanks OceanZealot for showing me that tool. I used to find interesting links on web pages. After clicking on numerous links to finally get to what I wanted....I would lose the original page from where I started from. I used to get so frustrated! But now I can save one page while I explore the links finding what I want."

    "My internet connection can be slow and on websites that have a lot of advertising and images I have to wait a long to for the page to load. Now I don't even need to wait, I open the link in another window, go back to the original page continue what I was doing until the new tabbed page opens. Sometimes I even open up multiple tabs if I have a couple of links I want to look at. Thanks OceanZealot."

    "Now, it's a LOT easier to keep track of all the open stuff with tabs. I hate trying to deal with 5-10 windows at once, and tabs let you view each one easily and keep all of them in order. It has made researching and doing homework so much easier. "

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rule #1 Write, Just Write, Write Away, Write Now!

Rule #1 - Write. It is as simple as that. If you really want to make money on the internet, then OceanZealot's #1 Rule to making money on the internet is to simply Write!

If you feel you are self conscious about writing, then practice!There are plenty of opportunities for you to make some money while practicing your writing skills.

  1. MyLot - This social networking platform is fun, user-friendly, and provides an easy way for you to WRITE! Plus you will have a chance to make new friends, make a few pennies, market your blog, and work on your networking skills.
  2. Helium - This is such a great way to market your writing. If you are interested in an extra way to make money from your writing check out this site. You even have an opportunity to let other readers rate your writing and provide feedback on improvements.
  3. HubPages - What a great way to try and link some of your writing together. Meet other hubbers and interact with a community of people that are doing the same thing as you, writing! You can even create a widget to post onto your other websites and even e-mails os that others can follow your writing too. You never know if your blog will be picked for publishing!